10 good reasons to give (and receive) a massage

Did you ever wonder what to give fors a special occasion? Or do you always find it difficult to have a moment for yourself? Here are 10 reasons why it is great to enjoy or give a massage.

1 - Is your job tiring?
working long hours in front of the personal computer or lifting weights creates tension in the shoulders. The massage relaxes the tensions of the muscles


2 - Is school stressful?
Are you taking an exam at school? Can’t your shoulders and mind take more hours of study? If you are physically tired, your mind also suffers. Give yourself a massage, this is a gift you give to yourself and you will feel your mind and body at their best.


3 - Being a mom is hard work
Raising a child is hard work. Countless physical and emotional changes in such a short amount of time. Instead of giving the baby another new onesie, which is absolutely adorable … but maybe she has too many … think of mom, a moment of her own with a massage session. Massage is a nice surprise anytime during or after pregnancy.


4 - Do you want to thank a friend?
Do you have a great friend? One who always takes care of you? Does he always have advice and a smile for you? Say thanks with a massage.


5 - Sweeping the snow is heavy
After you have blown away the snow in front of the house, yes, you might need a good massage.


6 - You worked too much in the gym
Do you feel like you’ve worked too hard in the gym? Too many weights on the bar? A run too long? Too many squats? Give yourself a massage, we’ll do our best to reduce that pain.


7 - Adapt to new changes
Do you have a new job? New desk or workstation? New equipment? New pastime? New pillow or bed? Whenever we ask our body to quickly adapt to a new environment, tool, or posture, we are likely to experience pain or even stress. Massage can soothe the nervous system’s response to the “novelty” of the stimulus and facilitate the transition.


8 - Is it a special day?
This time surprise the person you love, give him a massage. It will be a special gift because you prioritize his well-being and his health. Give her some love of self-care that they otherwise wouldn’t have planned.


9 - It's your birthday?
For your birthday, the best gift you can give yourself is to love yourself. Massage is the right start.


10 - It's good to be good
Have you or someone you know accomplished something important? Running a marathon? Bought a house? Did you face a personal problem? Passed a test? Did you have a hard time? Finished a project? These things can make us feel elated but also worn out and exhausted. Massage can be a great reward for ourselves or for others. It’s good to feel good.

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