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No matter how busy you are – don’t forget to clear your mind of worries and duties every now and then. Remember, you were not created for worries, but worries are created by you. Don’t let yourself be tortured.– Paramahansa Yogananda

Info – Short about me

I have always wanted to understand the meaning of suffering both of the physical and the inner body, this is the reason that led me to deepen my studies not only of physical anatomy but also of oriental philosophy.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and you can see the suffering or serenity of those in front of you. For me, the best thing is to see this serenity at the end of a massage or a yoga class. I love to take care of the person in every aspect, that’s why all the products used in my wellness center are natural and produced with organic herbs by applying in their realization, the study of the Tibetan pharmacopeia.

Among my passions is taking long walks, walking in contact with nature, feeling the flow of water and the scent of life present in everything.

  • 2016 – Academic Course: Traditional Tibetan Medicine, IATTM, Pomaia (PI).
    ◦ Root Tantra
    ◦ Formation of the Body and Bases of Pathology
    ◦ Diet and Lifestyles
    2017 – Academic Course: Traditional Tibetan Medicine, IATTM, Pomaia (PI).
    ◦ Diagnosis
    ◦ Pharmacology
    External Therapies:
    ◦ 2017 – Cupping: Mebum (T. Me Bum)
    ◦ 2016 – Horme: ‘Mongolian’ moxibustion – (Tib. Hor Me)
    ◦ 2016 – Moxa- Metsa (Tib. Me bTsa).
    • 2018-2021 – Tibetan Medicine Training Course: New Yuthok Institute (MI)

• 2012 – Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian Massage Diploma
• 2011 – Ku Nuè Tibetan Massage Diploma, Wellness Study Center, Bologna
• 2018 – Specialization in Ku Nuè Massage, Sowa Rigpa, Padua
• 2019 – Energy Tape Certificate

• 2012 – Esoteric Therapist Diploma, Raja Yoga and Meditation Teacher
• 2014 – Yoga teacher for children, BalyaYoga method
• 2015 – Yoga teacher in pregnancy,
• 2015 – Yoga teacher for children from 0 to 3 years, APNU, Parma.
• 2015/2016 – Yoga teacher for children – “Mudras in the hands of children”
• 2018 – Teacher of Ne Jang
• 2019 – Syncropilates® Teacher Diploma
• 2021 – Odaka Yoga® teacher
• 2021 – Trauma infomed Odaka Yoga®
• 2022 – Functional anatomy Odaka Yoga®
• 2022 – Fascia Flow Odaka Yoga®

• 2017 – Academic Course: Traditional Tibetan Medicine, IATTM, Pomaia (PI).
◦ Pharmacology