Tibetan Massage Ku Nyè (5 treatments of 1 hour)


60-minute treatment

Every Medical culture has different methods to solve the human health problems, so does the Tibetan Medicine have many different methods described and practiced for centuries, among them, Massage ku nye.
Ku nye can help re-equilibrate the body and energy flow, relax the mind and release the mental stress and tension, relax the neck and head, muscles, joint, vertebras, intestines, improve the poor digestion, bad sleeping, post menopause syndrome and other complaints. Especially this method revitalizes the energy circulation of the blood that makes the energies flow well in the body.


Welcome to the enchanting world of Ku Niè massage, a refined art of Tibetan medicine that offers you an experience of pure well-being. In our massage centre, we will welcome you in an enveloping environment where we use homemade products, following the Tibetan pharmacopoeia.

Our highly specialized therapist will pamper you with fluid and precise movements, combining the wisdom of Tibetan medicine with the techniques of Ku Niè to relax and give you a feeling of inner peace.

Book now and discover the balance and harmony of the Ku Niè massage. We will be happy to share the secrets of this wonderful art with you and give you an authentic and regenerating wellness experience. We await you with enthusiasm for an unforgettable experience.


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