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A good massage is obtained when the masseur
is able to connect his own breath, his own heart,
and his own soul to the treated person.

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Odaka Yoga
Live Centred, Liquefy you Limits,
Embrace the Power


Odaka Yoga was born from the observation of the motion of the
ocean, recreating those fluid and light movements that transform
the practice of yoga almost into a dance, where the body moves
and flexes just like the waves of the ocean.the help of shortcodes
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Nudd Garðabær


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Welcome to Nudd Garðabær

Experience the Art of Caring

Relaxing Massages

Only by touching a body can you feel a heart beating

Complete Relaxation Packages

The massage is a double act of love: of the client towards his body, and of the masseur towards the client.

Therapeutic Treatments for Pain

Don’t ask me why I’m getting a massage. Ask yourself why you don’t.

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Tibetan Medicine

Features of Tibetan Medicine

  • It is a natural and holistic medical science for the care of the body, mind and spirit.
  • The aims of Tibetan medicine are mainly prevention and cure.
  • Disease prevention occurs through a correct lifestyle and diet. The cure, once the disease has arisen, is expressed in the need to restore the lost balance by acting on the origin of the causes and effects of the disease.

Prevention and treatment

Tibetan Medicine is a very ancient medical system based on Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

Explain that everything in the world comes from the mind and the five elements. The mind is considered the basis because it is the creator of all external and internal phenomena.
The mind and the five elements manifest themselves in the form of energy, which in the human body are reflected in three humors or energies called Wind (tib: rLung), Bile (mKhrispa, pronounced: Tripa) and Phlegm (Badken). The three principles give positive health when they are in balance and harmony, and bring ill health when the balance between them is lost.

Benefits of Tibetan Medicine


Collecting information about the disease. This is a key element in making a correct diagnosis


Diagnosis in Tibetan medicine involves three methodologies, which are observation, pulsology and anamnesis.


Constitutional disorders and psychopathological disorders are treated in a holistic view with specific diets and behaviors, remedies with medicinal and mineral plants, external therapies, rejuvenation, Buddhist spiritual healing, meditation, Tibetan Yoga, etc. to restore harmony, balance and restore the three moods system.


With traditional Tibetan medicine, you gain more energy, amazing mental clarity, greater physical strength, a more joyful mood

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