Massage Treatment

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Facial Massage

Lotus flower
45 min kr 6.000

Traditional Tibetan

1 ¼ hour kr 18.000

Tibetan Massage

Ku Nye
1 hour kr 10.000

Tibetan Massage

and tibetan Bells
1 ½ hour kr 14.500

Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi
1 hour kr 11.000

Complete Personalized Massage

Nudd Garðabær
1 ½ hour kr 18.000

Way To Happiness, Care For

Future Mum
1 hour kr 12.000


Experiences from Nudd Garðabær

Pain Therapy Massage

Choose your massage


Moxibustione Mongola
1 hour kr 10.500

Moxa Therapy

Tibetan Moxibustion
1 hour kr 10.000

Cupping Therapy

Pain Therapy
1 hour kr 9.500


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