Antioxidant Yellow Clay, Green Tea, and Spirulina Mask


50 ml

The Antioxidant Yellow Clay, Green Tea, and Spirulina Mask is an innovative facial treatment suitable for all skin types, designed to instantly revitalize and brighten dull complexion. Its nutrient-rich formula provides deep hydration, soothes irritated skin, and enhances skin elasticity for visible and lasting results.


Exceptional Properties:
– Deep Hydration: The combination of yellow clay, green tea, and spirulina provides intense hydration, penetrating deeply to revive dehydrated skin.
– Soothing Action: Thanks to the soothing properties of natural ingredients, this mask instantly calms irritated and sensitive skin, reducing redness and inflammation.
– Advanced Regeneration: The advanced formulation promotes the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping to repair damage caused by environmental stress and weather conditions.
– Enhanced Elasticity: Enriched with essential nutrients, this mask enhances skin elasticity, leaving it toned and smooth.

Extraordinary Results:
– Purifies, stimulates, and remineralizes the skin, giving it a radiant complexion and unparalleled luminosity.
– The antioxidant effect counteracts signs of skin aging, protecting the skin from harmful environmental aggressors.


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