Hormè is one of the essential healing therapies described in the root texts of Tibetan Medicine. This safe, simple, and portable method uses warm herbal compresses and oil to unwind the nervous system, deeply relaxing and nourishing the body and mind.

Hormè can be performed as a standalone therapy, or combined with other healing methods such as acupuncture or massage. In the Tibetan medical tradition, Hormè is one of the superior remedies for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is also excellent for prenatal as well as postpartum care.

The advantage of the Hormé

    1. Calming – relaxing – pacifying
    2. Antistress
    3. Against Insomnia
    4. Painkiller – backache
    5. Antidepressant
    6. panic attacks
    7. Asthma