Release, Rejuvenate, Rebalance

Cupping Therapy for Holistic Wellness

Cupping Therapy

Since ancient times, the Tibetans and Chinese have believed that the practice of cupping helps open blocked pathways that carry raw life energy or “Qi” which thereby helps rejuvenate and revive the body and regenerate tired and worn body tissues.

The technique employed in the process involves holding a flame directly beneath glass cups and then placing and pressing the heated cups onto the parts of the body to be treated. The vacuum created by the heat within the cup sucks up the skin and the body tissues in the area directly beneath the cup, creating an intense arching action of the skin and body tissues.

This arching action causes an increase in blood circulation in the localized area. This aids the release of dangerous toxins from the blood and activates the lymphatic system in the body, flushing out carcinogens and other toxins from the treated areas of the body. Cupping is characterized as a safe and non-invasive treatment for chronic aches and pains, stressed-out muscles, and general relaxation. When combined with various other massage techniques, cupping can help release toxins from the body and help ease chronic aches and pains.

Kr 13.500 – 60 min