Tibetan Massage with Bells


Time Dur : 90 min


The Tibetan bowls massage aims to relax by strengthening the bond between body and mind.

It was born in Tibet where bells are used as a healing tool.

The way they are made allows these instruments to emit precise sound vibrations with a high healing rate. The massage with Tibetan bells aims to rebalance and purify the body and spirit.

The benefits:
The Tibetan bowls massage brings numerous benefits for the body and mind.

  • Relaxation on a psychological and physical level;
  • Reactivates metabolism and digestion;
  • Gives relief, calm and positivity;
  • Dissolves the energy blocks created by stressful and anxiety situations that can generate mental and physical imbalances;
  • Helps eliminate toxins;
  • Treat all types of pain
  • It provides a remedy for insomnia and anxiety.


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