Tibetan Massage Ku Nyè


Time Dur : 60 min


Ku Nye originated from the ancient kingdoms of Tibet and is one of the external therapies available in traditional Tibetan medicine used to maintain or restore the body’s balance.

Nye’s techniques include kneading, rubbing and pressing muscles and tendons, and applying pressure to various points and channels.

Some of the benefits include the elimination of toxins stored in the body and increased vitality, the reduction and alleviation of various types of pain and pain syndromes, the calming of nerve disorders including insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Every Medical culture has different methods to solve the human health problems, so does the Tibetan Medicine have many different methods described and practiced for centuries, among them, Massage ku nye.

Ku nye can help re-equilibrate the body and energy flow, relax the mind and release the mental stress and tension, relax the neck and head, muscles, joint, vertebras, intestines, improve the poor digestion, bad sleeping, post menopause syndrome and other complaints. Especially this method revitalizes the energy circulation of the blood that makes the energies flow well in the body.


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