Ayurvedic Cream for normal skin


30 ml

Ayurvedic Cream for Combination Skin: Brief Description

Our Ayurvedic cream is a 100% natural concentrated treatment, ideal for combination skin.

With plant extracts with purifying and rebalancing properties, this cream is perfect for daily use as a day cream.

Its unique formulation calms Kapha, helping to keep your skin fresh, glowing, and balanced.

Choose Ayurvedic wisdom for radiant and vitalized skin every day!


Welcome to the universe of Ayurvedic wellness!

Our Ayurvedic cream was formulated with love and care for combination skin, combining centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom with modern innovation. With an exclusive blend of purifying and rebalancing plant extracts, this cream offers a natural and effective solution to keep your skin fresh, luminous, and balanced.

Main features:
– 100% Natural: Our cream is made exclusively from natural ingredients, without any compromise on quality. We are committed to providing only the best for your skin.
– Powerful Plant Extracts: We have carefully selected plant extracts known for their purifying and rebalancing virtues, thus guaranteeing an effective and balanced treatment for your combination skin.- Ideal Day Cream: Apply daily as a day cream, this lightweight formulation absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue, preparing your skin to face the day with confidence.

Ayurvedic Benefits:
– Balance for Combination Skin: Our cream has been specially created to offer a complete treatment to combination skin, helping to restore the natural balance of your skin.
– Calms Kapha: Thanks to its unique composition, this treatment helps calm Kapha, restoring harmony in your skin and spirit.

How to use:
– Apply generously to clean, dry skin of the face and neck.
– Massage delicately with circular movements until completely absorbed.
– Use daily as part of your skincare routine for best results.

Choose the wisdom of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition to take care of your combination skin. With our Ayurvedic cream, enjoy balanced, radiant and full of vitality skin every day!


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