Balsamic Ointment for Clear Airways

Discover the power of our Ointment, an essential ally in combating colds, flu, and congestion. With its balsamic, antiseptic, and immunostimulating properties, our Ointment provides immediate relief and speedy recovery.

Harnessing the perfect combination of menthol, propolis, and essential oils, this ointment effectively tackles congestion in the respiratory tract and promotes mucus elimination, giving you an instant sense of well-being. Breathing freely has never been easier!

And don’t worry, our ointment is safe even for the little ones. It’s suitable for children over 6 years old, offering them a natural and gentle relief.

Choose your health and well-being, choose our Ointment. Don’t let a cold hold you back. Purchase now and experience a breath of fresh air like never before!

ISK 3.600 – 50 ml