Rosa Aurea

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Our Aura Eye Contour is a targeted and specific solution to address the needs of dry skin. Its advanced formula has been designed to provide many essential benefits:

Counteracting Wrinkles: Thanks to its powerful anti-wrinkle action, this eye contour helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, keeping the skin around the eyes soft and young.

Deep Nutrition: Enriched with highly effective ingredients, our eye contour penetrates deep into the skin, offering intense hydration and nourishing the skin comprehensively.

Intense Restructuring: Its unique formulation is designed to restructure dehydrated skin, restoring its vitality and softness, for a radiant and healthy appearance.

Toning and Decongesting: In addition to hydrating and nourishing, our eye contour also helps to tone and decongest the area around the eyes, reducing puffiness and leaving the skin fresh and rested.

By choosing our Aura Eye Contour, you are investing in the health and beauty of your skin. With visible, long-lasting results, each application brings you closer to radiant, youthful skin.

Try our Aura Eye Contour today and discover the difference it can make for you.

Kr 2700 ml 30