Eye Contour Fluid With Aloe, Glycine and Hyaluronic Acid

Eye contour - cosm-63

Product Description:
Explore natural beauty with our Eye Contour Fluid enriched with aloe, wisteria, and hyaluronic acid. Essential in your daily beauty routine.

Main features:

Deep Hydration: Aloe and hyaluronic acid keep skin soft all day.
Anti-aging effect: Wisteria reduces wrinkles for a young and radiant look.
Regenerating Nourishment: Nourishing ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.
Illumination and Dark Circle Reduction: Visibly reduces dark circles for a fresh look.
Instructions for Use:
Apply morning and evening consistently. Gently massage into cleansed skin, from the inside out.

Why Choose Us:

Natural Quality: High-quality ingredients for effective results.
Proven Effectiveness: Clinical tests and satisfied customer testimonials.
Commitment to Sustainability: Sustainable practices in manufacturing and packaging.
Rediscover your natural beauty with our Eye Contour Fluid. Add it to your cart and take care of your skin with love and naturally!

Kr 3.450 – 30 ml