Welcome to the world of wellness and relaxation, where the thousand-year-old secrets of Tibetan treatments combine with the modern technique of face massage with cups to offer you a unique and revitalizing experience.

Tibetan Ku Nyè massage is an ancient art that draws its roots from Tibetan culture, famous for its deep connection with nature and spirituality. This treatment focuses on balancing the body’s energy channels, with the aim of releasing built-up tension, restoring harmony, and promoting energy flow. The expert hands of our therapist, guided by knowledge handed down for generations, will work on your energy points, relieving tension and bringing a feeling of peace and serenity that will last for a long time.

But that’s not all, our wellness center also offers an innovative and relaxing treatment: the facial massage with cups. This modern technique, inspired by traditional Tibetan medicine, exploits the power of the vacuum created by the cups to stimulate circulation and oxygenate the skin. During the massage, the skin is pampered with delicate movements, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, reducing the signs of aging and restoring brightness to your face. A real breath of youth for your skin!

Let yourself be lulled by the synergy between these two wonderful techniques. Our expert therapist will combine Tibetan Ku Nye massage with cupping facial massage, creating a unique and personalized experience for you. You will be enveloped in a relaxing atmosphere, pampered by natural products made by Nudd Garðabær with delicately scented essential oils and you will have the opportunity to release all accumulated tension.

We invite you to indulge in this moment of pure well-being and experience the fusion of ancient traditions and modern techniques. Our goal is to make you feel reborn, refreshed, and completely satisfied with your choice. Trust us, and discover the secret of radiant skin and a rebalanced body. Book your Tibetan Ku Nyè massage treatment with face massage now and treat yourself to an experience that will leave you with a feeling of well-being and lasting happiness.