Discover Inner Harmony with Hor-mè Treatment and Acupressure Face Massage

Explore an experience of total well-being for body and mind through the Hor-mè Treatment, one of the precious pearls of Tibetan Medicine. Wrap yourself in the delicacy of aromatic herbs immersed in hot oil, while the nervous system relaxes and stress dissolves in the air. This non-invasive therapy deeply nourishes your body and soul, bringing harmony into your daily life.

Our expert therapist masterfully combines the Hor-mè Treatment with the Acupressure Facial Massage on the energy points. This synergistic combination amplifies the benefits, giving you glowing skin and a feeling of lightness and inner well-being.

Benefits of Hor-mè Treatment and Acupressure Facial Massage include:

  1. Calm and Deep Relaxation: Let go of tensions and worries as our therapy wraps you in an embrace of tranquility.
  2. Restore Balance: Through the power of herbs and acupressure, vital energy flows harmoniously through your body, restoring natural balance.
  3. Fights Stress and Insomnia: Free your mind from troubled thoughts and get ready to enjoy peaceful nights of regenerating sleep.
  4. Anti-stress Treatment: Forget your thoughts and give yourself a regenerating break from the frenzy of everyday life.
  5. A Radiant Face: The art of acupressure on the face refreshes the skin, reduces muscle tension, and gives a radiant and youthful appearance.
  6. Pre and Postpartum Rituals: Give your body the support it needs during pregnancy and the postpartum period, maintaining balance and serenity.

Choose the Hor-mè Treatment and the Acupressure Facial Massage to explore a deep healing experience and rediscover authentic well-being. Treat yourself to this precious pampering to rediscover inner harmony and feel at your best. Book your session today and let us guide you down the path to health and relaxation!